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      The suction nozzle maintenance experience

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      The suction nozzle maintenance experience

      Release date:2014-09-09 00:00 Source:http://www.rfqart.com Views:

        Printing paper is below 40g/m2, because the paper smoothness is poor, sometimes the foot pressure and nozzle bag were transferred to the limit position, still can not make the nozzle bag in the best working state, and often because of the paper and the gripper suction nozzle is closer and the suction nozzle and rubber apron conflict, forming ring fall or fall, the paper is inclined or not normal feeding problems.

        On the above Liding nozzle bag expert advice can be adopted without the use of a rubber ring way, the benefits of doing so is to adjust the space, adding nozzle bag, put an end to the problem of. Practice has proved that, without the rubber ring, only relying on the gripper suction head can ensure the normal delivery of tissue paper.

        Vacuum suction nozzle movement is not sensitive, mostly because of the accumulation of a certain number of cylinder paper wool, talcum powder and other impurities, impede the sensitivity. Then just pour some into the barrel of gasoline, and then hand to move back and forth several times, the dirt out of gasoline can be followed. No filling oil cylinder, or may cause vicious spiral.

        The eccentric cam can be directly on smooth, pay attention to not add too much, but the smooth part of oil eyes half closed, usually can be directly filling oil, pay attention not too thick oil. Have time, can be used to clean gasoline, motor oil outflow after plus oil way.

        In normal operation, because the oil and paper powder and other impurities in the conflict of the semi closed surface accumulation of sludge, with added refueling times, if not for the periodic cleaning, easy cause vicious spiral of the smooth part of smooth environment.

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