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      Flat bag need to promote environmental protection

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      Flat bag need to promote environmental protection

      Release date:2015-01-05 00:00 Source:http://www.rfqart.com Views:

        Our country has a large population, the use of a surprising number of bags, a lot of people on the flat bottom bag processing mode is to regard it as waste bags, direct and waste to throw away, then, what kind of waste waste bags? Everyone in the supermarket to the waste bag is safe? Many people waste, is free, or the use of shopping bags, or is not biodegradable waste, originally this approach is wrong, not only a waste of capital also bring potential threats to the environment?

        It is understood that, at present our country large and small scale ranging from plastic bags, a total of more than 6, but most can not be degraded production waste bags? Although some local implementation of the waste classification treatment, but the waste being were fitted to the trash is not the same, to the last is a car "put away, treatment is not? Degradation of waste bags will happen much damage to the environment, thus remarkable?

        Not long ago, a company with USA and EU patent technology, starch and non degradable plastic special equipment after crushed into nanometer level, to increase the variety of materials physical contact to produce degradation of resin, environmentally friendly plastic bags made of the degradation rate can reach 62%, and other plastic material into a temporary storage fine particles of soil and air and harmless, degradable resin after differentiation of temporary objects do not constitute damage to soil and groundwater?

        According to international standards, in the 2 months to 6 months, plastic bags of biological differentiation rate reached more than 60%, is a qualified biodegradable plastic bags? I think, the domestic plastic bag production companies need to change bags production and materials, to improve the production process, in order to save the capital Protect environment together, for the company to win more profits, the best production of biodegradable plastic bags?

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