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      Adhesion causes and solutions of flat bag packaging film

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      Adhesion causes and solutions of flat bag packaging film

      Release date:2015-01-05 00:00 Source:http://www.rfqart.com Views:

      A bag of adhesion performance of liquid plastic film coiling after screen printing, perhaps after a fire cut into packaging bags stacked, printing ink or ink surface between with and without printing blank face stuck together, can not be separated. If you pull, is the formation of ink drop, breakage.

      A bag of liquid adhesive reason most because ink sticky, humidity is too high, too much pressure. As the wet ink with the same, although the naked eye seems to be doing, in fact did not dry, still sticky. Because the residual solvent printing film is rewinding after hard transpiration, ink curing resin can not be boring, it will make products attack severe adhesions.

      Episodes of adhesion, a gas chromatographic method for the determination of residual solvent content, often reach several percent. Residual solvents will make the bag of goods with the smell, if it is used as food packaging of food flavor and cleaning are affected, but also influence the composite strength.

      Processing method of packaging film adhesion is to deal with from boring equipment or dry conditions, load, and as far as possible the use of quick drying solvents. Other raw material, water will make the ink resin swell, the viscosity, so the print data storage should be dampproof.

      The proportion of wrong will cause ink sticky, some special functions (such as heat resistance, oil ink) to participate in the curing agent, and the curing agent is low molecular substances, itself has a viscosity.

      In the preparation of gravure ink synthetic resin, resin softening point should be used in commercial printing high softening point, usually choose 105 -- 110 degrees between the resin, heat-resistant resin too low.

      In the process of printing, film tension shoulds not be too big, not volume for too long, too. As for printing, rewinding diameter increasing, the convergence of local print pictures to rib, it is easy to produce adhesion. Therefore, charge volume shoulds not be too close.

      Between the adhesion with ink and substrate adhesion is not strong, processing method is accurate selection of ink, ink quality control, so that the habit of substrate printing equipment, the other on the substrate surface treatment, progress of printing ink affinity. Treatment should be selected if single, double, the other side is pro oil face compatibility is good, can produce anti stick, it should be noted that.

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