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      Lateral organ pet food bags

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      Lateral organ pet food bags

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      • Release date:2015/04/16
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        Can be customized for different size, style and design

        Material: PET / PE, PET / polyester / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum foil / PE, OPP / CPP, etc

        Style: the style of bottom hem, side angle, three sides sealing, sealing in the corner, sealing, etc

        Printing: good quality, high speed printing machine.

        Price: according to different materials, size, printing etc

        The characteristics of:

        1. Avoid light, moisture, air resistance;

        2. Safe, easy to take and use;

        3. The sealing strength of strong, no damage, no leakage;

        4. Heat sealing edge, vivid and colorful printing;

        5. Non, non benzene printing, environmental protection, health;

        6. Excellent moisture barrier;

        The main products:

        1) food bag Coffee or Coffee beans, spices, condiments, meat, frozen food, pet food, seafood, fruit, snacks, etc., including almost all kinds of food packaging.

        2) bags of goods, such as washing powder, powder pool, etc

        3) is mainly used for clothing bags, underwear, socks, shirts, etc.

        4) the carrier bag handle, a rope, or a hanging hole, etc

        5) available styles: stand up, pull up, heat sealing, heat, cold cuts, the seal in the middle, three sides sealing, by hand or hanging hole, etc

        6) mask, towel, cosmetic bags, etc


        2 layer laminated material:

        BOPP, CPP or PE (transparent) PET / CPP or PE (transparent)

        Matt BOPP / PE or CPP (opaque) / VMCPP (BOPP or metal)

        3 layer laminated material:

        Polyester / aluminum foil / polyethylene (metal) PET / VMPET / polyethylene (metal)

        Polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene (metal) PET / Al / CPP (metal)

        BOPP, PET, PE, CPP (transparent) New York / VMPET / polyethylene (metal)

        The certificate of approval:




        American food and drug administration,


        The European Economic community,


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